Aug 14, 2017

Getting to know Dr Gun Norell

Many have had the mistake of getting the wrong dental care because they were so concerned about getting cheaper fees, only to end up shelling out more than what they ought to because of wrong procedure. Many are also left unsatisfied with their dental care services because they did not come to a dentist who truly pays attention to the patient’s needs. With all the options we have today, it is vital to choose a clinic that does not only provide exceptional facilities, but also have well-trained, professional dentists that serve their patients with great care.

The dentist everyone wants to have

Take for example Dr Gun Norell of Snö. Having worked in Dubai for over 9 years, her reputation of being trustworthy has been the talk of the town. Patients love her not only because of her demonstrated care and thoroughness for every dental examination but also for her innate sense of humor that makes you forget you’re in the clinic!

Her Passion: giving the best treatment possible

Many salute Dr Norell for her philosophy in terms of caring for her patients. This is to “never do a treatment on a patient that you wouldn’t do for your loved ones”. She looks at the patient in a different way thinking about the best and least invasive treatment she can provide to gain the best results. This is what makes her different from the rest.

She is a pioneer in the UAE with the concept of anterior alignment for cosmetic treatment, in a minimally invasive way. Her methods have been very successful in proving how one can have a long lasting beautiful smile, in a natural way.


Her Practice: trustworthy and innovative

Dr Norell is one who carefully listens to patient’s need and presents several options applicable to the patient to ensure that each patient is satisfied with her care. Her practice is to never start a treatment until the patient has given her full consent. Today most dental treatments are multidisciplinary so she also keeps up with current trends and methodologies in all fields in order to stay relevant in this industry with the most current treatments exclusively available to her patients. 


Her battles: putting a price on dental health

Although the best remedies for dental issues are made available in her clinic, there are certain instances wherein Dr Norell is uncomfortable talking about these to patients because of the price. These new procedures or medications are sometimes pricier than the others because these are more effective and take effect in a shorter span of time compared to other approaches. Not everyone understands this, however, and so Dr Norell sometimes finds it awkward to discuss the rates with her patients. This is something we can open ourselves to experiencing if we truly want to get the most out of our treatments. We pay more to get more, and under Dr Norell’s care, we are guaranteed that all her services are truly worth every penny.

Her candor: the student, the artist, the friend

Like everyone else, Dr Norell is also human! Her profession like everything else demands life-long learning and she has gone a long way since then because she embraces this philosophy to come out a better dentist than before. She believes in the growth mindset and in constant learning. Not all dentists have this quality which puts her in the lead since she looks for ways to develop her skills through consistent training.
She is not all work and no play though, Dr Norell also enjoys going to the gym, doing pilates or jogging in the morning. With her hectic schedule, she still finds the time to cook something good and healthy for her friends and family with some good wine to cap off the meal. She enjoys traveling, as well and can’t wait to plan for her next holiday trip!

Her goal: growth

Enticed with UAE’s warm climate, good beaches and meeting new people from different cultures, Dr Norell decided to venture into dentistry in the country. She has always been interested in doing restorative cosmetic work and spent a great amount of time on AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) courses. Since UAE has quite a young population and high demand for this kind of treatments, Dr Norell wanted to get more experience and challenge herself by practicing dentistry in a new place which had great potential. 

Her brand: #notyourtypicaldentist

This “not-your-typical’ dentist shows her altruistic side through her free dental functional and cosmetic treatments for the less fortunate people or for children who need her services.  

Her plan: what’s next?

Looking back, Dr Norell had numerous setbacks, one of which was the advice from her high school teacher who told her to get a normal job because the teacher believed that she would not be able to study through college. Lucky for us, she did not listen to that advice and persevered.
Now, she is teaching dentists Anterior Alignment before Cosmetic treatment for minimally invasive approaches in the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, and Sweden. Dr Norell’s goal is to contribute to good oral health in the UAE.