Aug 20, 2017

Build something you are proud of

In our busy schedules, sometimes we forget to slow down and appreciate the things in life that truly make us happy. Be it the smell of coffee in the morning, a big promotion at work, or simply feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin.

There are various reasons to smile, be it the little or big things – though the big events are usually accompanied (temporarily) by headaches. Never the less, today I smile so much more than cry over my “big thing” which is the modern clinics we are building in Abu Dhabi. It took a lot of work, but we now have a very qualified dental team on our hands, though we still lack some hands on deck. Thus, I posted a (unprofessional:) video on my Facebook account to reach out to my dental friends, letting them know of the opportunity we are offering. In three days, I got 4 000 views with so many  dentists and people working with dentistry contacting me about tips and offering their help and service. This overwhelming response brought a smile over to everyone at Snö.

If you want to have a walk through of this very well equipped and designed dental clinic before it’s a clinic you will find it here:

2017SnöClinicsAbuDhabiConstruction from Per Rehnberg on Vimeo.

And if this still isn’t enough reason for you to smile, then chocolate in any kind at any time and in any form will make you smile (just don’t eat too much or it might ruin your perfect smile).